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“Presenting Nova Scotia Homes, Lands & Businesses, and Nova Scotia, to the Market and to the World”

Residential Real Estate

Looking to buy or sell Residential Real Estate? This includes buying or selling Single Family Homes, Multi-Family Homes, Townhomes, Condominiums, Vacant Land and Lots for Residential use. If you’re more interested in a development community or housing development, please contact us today to learn more about communities in the area that would meet your needs.

commercial real estate

Commercial Real Estate

Interested in buying or selling a Commercial property [over 4 units generally is treated as commercial] including Income Property? Dave Kerr provides relevant advice and support for selling commercial condos, apartment buildings, offices and warehouses, as well as any product within a Project or Development. Click below to learn more about buying and selling commercial real estate.

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Projects & Developments

Projects & Developments can be community developments for Residential or Commercial development opportunities or both, as a mixed-use development. Tour a new community development such as ‘Seven Lakes Development’ in Porter’s Lake or Forest Lakes Country Club in West Hants, among many others. Learn more and explore real estate project and development opportunities.

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Business Brokerage

Small business is the life line of any economy. Entrepreneurs drive the success of our economy on the East Coast of Canada. Over the next decade, an estimated $4 Trillion worth of businesses will trade hands as the Baby Boomers move into retirement. Buying or Selling a Business is an important process that should be guided by an experienced agent. Achieve your business goals with Dave Kerr.

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“We want to earn your confidence, your trust, and your business”

Passionate about buying & selling real estate.

Dave Kerr is a real estate professional passionate about providing his customers & clients with the complete set of services and support they require during a successful real estate transaction. While successful working in all aspects of Residential, Commercial and Business to Business real estate business, Dave also enjoys and has experience in Project Development. Dave specializes in seasonal and four season Resort developments and comprehensive housing developments, not only the Domestic market but also in the International market. Having executed World Tours to attract buyers from all over the World to Nova Scotia, Dave has generated a wide range of  buyers and interest within the International marketplace.

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